The Magician Online: Dan White's Virtual Magic Show

Dan White, the 35-year-old magician, has been captivating audiences with his magic for years. He has performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, consulted with Kanye West for the YEEZUS tour, and partnered with theory11 to create a new virtual experience. The Magician Online is an interactive online experience of magic, mystery and deception that takes place entirely in your living room. White and his fiancee Susie Bray live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with their toy poodle Gracie.

Before creating The Magician Online, White consulted onsite in Las Vegas with legendary illusionist David Copperfield. His famous fan base includes Ariana Grande, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson. White performs four shows every weekend. The Magician Online is a totally new experience where you are the star of the show.

With HD video streaming, you can get ready for romance like the couple from the Upper East Side, or have a makeshift theater like the family of two parents and two kids who had kitchen bar stools arranged in rows. You can even have a suburban guy in a baseball cap who apparently lives in a mansion while White made him walk around an illusion and the Man's gigantic wooden entrance door looked like it was torn from a medieval English castle. White's skill in magic is matched by his spirit as a storyteller. When he tells stories of his daughter and her incredible experiences with magic, you can't help but be carried away by the experience.

It's still called The Magician, but instead of buying tickets, dressing up and going to a theater, you book a ticket online (and quickly, since they sell out weeks in advance), you get a temptingly mysterious box in the mail (which they warn you not to open “until prompted) and log into Zoom on a personal computer at show time. The Magician Online is the perfect piece of magic for your next night in. Whether you do it as a date night, with your family, or even just like I did, you will be captivated by Dan White's virtual magic show.