What is a virtual mentalist?

With the ability to read your mind, manipulate your decisions and predict your thoughts, a talented virtual mentalist will make you wonder how they do what they do right from their first trick. The magic of the hall is performed in front of an intimate seated audience of up to 100 guests, usually after dinner as the main event. Strolling Magic is held indoors with only a few people at a time, usually wandering around a cocktail or corporate reception. A virtual mentalism show is highly interactive and includes virtual magic online via Zoom.

The virtual mentalist engages the audience individually and as a group while they perform psychological illusions. You can also hire a celebrity like Keith Urban, Martha Stewart, James Corden or Leslie Odom Jr. Take your event to a new level and increase attendance at your virtual conference. The virtual mentalist engages the audience individually and in a group.

Jon Finch's virtual show is a fascinating journey of interactive magic, humor and psychological illusions.

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Virtual mentalist Jon Finch developed innovative psychological techniques to track the unspoken thoughts of several people simultaneously. He's performed over a thousand entertaining virtual shows and virtual team building activities for corporate clients. Zoom shows 25 screens, very entertaining regardless of the number of attendees who are watching the mentalist's virtual mind-reading experience.