How much is a magician for an hour uk?

This depends on where and when the event takes place. For most professional magicians, an hour will be quite expensive and every hour after that will be cheaper. Expect to pay between 150 and 300 pounds per hour for a high-quality magician. In the UK, wedding magicians tend to cost between 550 and 1500 pounds on average.

It will depend on the location, who is the magician you reserve and how long you would like to have it. A magician in the UK will normally earn £35,000 a year and will charge between £350 and £500 per event. You usually expect to pay at least £500 for a good quality magician who knows how to handle any audience while providing incredible entertainment. The answer to How much does a magician cost? is the answer to How much does an actor cost? It depends.

Some very high-end magicians will charge between 700 and 2000 pounds for a performance of about 2 hours. These factors include the magician's skill level, his experience with that particular type of magical performance, whether he has attendees, the date of the event, etc. This means that if you are happy to play in the magician's arena, your group will have a smoother experience, as the magician can focus on the audience and the magic. However, several professional magicians have additional sources of income, such as giving lectures, creating and selling magic tricks, or working at trade shows.

Some events, such as weddings, only require a magician to perform at a specific time, such as during photos or after the wedding breakfast. In addition, if all other things are the same, a professional mentalist usually charges a higher price than a professional magician. As a result, they can earn even more than £50,000. A semi-professional magician can expect to earn £10,000 a year to maintain his daily job.

Wizard Close Up - Stage Wizard - Birthday Party Magician - Christmas Party Wizard - Mixing and Mixing Wizard - Corporate Magician - Table Wizard - Launch Party Magician - Trade Show Magician - Awards Night Wizard - Wedding Magician. Professional and experienced magicians cannot be hired for the lowest dollar rates, as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. However, did you know that the difference between how much you pay depends on the type of magician you hire? The main problem is that the person who needs a magician selects some items from a restrictive drop-down menu, then the person may or may not write a sentence or two describing their needs, and then wait for ten blind wizards to send them quotes. Some magicians will change their prices depending on the event, but they will usually change depending on the number of guests and time, etc.

Since artists need to inflate their rates when booking through such sites, you will get the best deal by contacting the magician directly instead of going through said reservation service. Such a policy is a special insurance that any professional magician who cares about his audience should have. Instead, pay a fair price to have the confidence you need that your wizard up close won't let you down. Sometimes the magician will charge more or less depending on the location and how attractive the job is.