How much do magicians charge an hour?

The average duration of a magic show was 1.5 hours. In the UK, wedding magicians tend to cost between 550 and 1500 pounds on average. It will depend on the location, who is the magician you reserve and how long you would like to have it. Keep in mind that what you're seeing here is the cost of what I consider half way for a local magician.

Magicians vary greatly in experience and talent, depending on how long they have been practicing magic. These magicians will be hired for weddings and corporate events, where even the most skeptical members of the audience will be impressed. For example, a 30-minute close-up and an hour-long close-up can often be the same price among many wizards. I have been a full-time professional magician for more than 20 years, ever since I left medical school to devote myself to my passion for magic tricks.

A magician up close will cost much less than a stage magician, as they usually perform their magic at mix-and-mix cocktail events. He said that the reason you want to hire a wizard through them is just in case the magician cancels that they have other wizards. For example, if it's at Silverstone on Formula 1 weekend and the magician is a big fan of Formula 1, they might be willing to negotiate the price to get the job. The magicians offer three main types of shows: wandering through magic, small ballroom shows and big stage performances.

It's much worse for working magicians to have a couple of hobbyists who charge full professional rates and don't offer polished professional performance than to have a couple of hobbyists who charge less for a lower quality product. If you have time, you can find a specialist magician who has a lot of experience and provides you with quality magic tricks and entertainment. Sometimes the magician will charge more or less depending on the location and how attractive the job is. Magicians can perform for intimate groups, such as an act of walking in a crowd or in large stage shows.

There are different magicians up close, some specializing in mental reading and psychological illusions and others performing more traditional magic with cards and everyday objects such as mobile phones, rings and coins. Wizards can charge more for events where more people participate, such as when they walk in a crowd and perform magic walking for small groups of people. So how much do wizards charge to come to your event? Most good and reliable professional magicians (the ones I would recommend), tend to charge between 550 and 1500 pounds for close magic (as I mentioned, it can sometimes be more in December, especially on peak days).