How much do magicians earn in india?

The average gross salary of a magician in India is ₹5, 63, 090 or an equivalent hourly rate of ₹271. In addition, they earn an average bonus of ₹15, 485. Salary estimates based on wage survey data collected directly from anonymous employers and employees in India. The amount of money wizards earn will depend on many factors. These wizards make more full-time engagements, and those who succeed have an impressive skill set and the ability to attract audiences. As for women, they have always been part of this industry as good helpers, but now they have taken a step forward and have left their own mark as magicians.

In addition to this, a magician is hired for the launch of a corporate product, a meeting of distributors, promotions in shopping malls, television channels, during the celebration of festivals such as Durga Pujas and Janamashtami, for school carnivals, general meetings, etc. Magic has a lot to offer as long as you are patient to learn good skills and form an exceptional magic routine. The most common types of magic tricks are the following.

  • Sleight of hand
    Sleight of hand requires dexterity, skillful hand movements
  • Close-up magic
    Close-up magic is performed with spectators close to the magic performer.
  • Illusion
    Illusions involve large-scale magic tricks, usually with the help of elaborate magic props and equipment.
  • Escapology, aka escape magic
    Escapologist magicians are able to extricate themselves from seemingly impossible constraints.
  • Mentalism
    Mentalism or Mentalist magic, in which magicians perform mind-reading tricks and predict future events. Instead of trying to get reservations at prestigious locations right away, opt for the lesser-known spots with higher budgets, which assume they can afford established psychic entertainment.

However, to understand how much wizards earn relative to their income, you NEED to see exactly how much it costs a magician to run the business. Here are some examples of professional magicians from India and the UK and their fees, based on two hours of mixing and mingling magic performance time. Indian magicians are matching the standards of international artists by experimenting and trying new things with magic. These in person magicians and zoom magicians have professional lighting and sound settings and can perform before the audience in a virtual party of up to 500 guests.

In addition, if a magician personalizes a show creatively, most organizing companies will be willing to pay him a considerable amount. One virtual magician Jon Finch, for example, commands fees between $2000 and $5000 for his virtual magic show. There is no reason why zoom magic shows won't continue in the future and offer a unique opportunity for magicians to reach a wider audience. Sherif Mayika, a magician based in Kochi, whose first month of income as a magician was 5000 reais and who now earns 1.50 lakh a month, thinks that magic should be a full-time profession.