How much is a magician for birthday party uk?

The typical price to hire a magician for a birthday party is between 100 and 500 pounds for his services. The price depends on the level of skill of the magician and what they offer in terms of entertainment. In the UK, wedding magicians tend to cost between 550 and 1500 pounds on average. It will depend on the location, who is the magician you reserve and how long you would like to have it.

It can take years of practice for magicians to be able to master these tricks, which often involve a multitude of accessories. Ultimately, if you want your guests to have a great time and be amazed, then a magician is worth it. Once you find the magician you want to hire, get all the details in writing with a contract or booking agreement. Some magicians are willing to travel long distances and even to other countries, although this will significantly increase the cost.

All magicians charge different prices depending on the magician's convenience (TV credits, experience, etc.), date, time, number of guests, location, type of show. Prices for most wizards range from 280 to 600 pounds, and are more directed towards 1000 pounds and more for the most in-demand wizards. It is best to contact the magician directly to determine if he is the right magician for your party. Some magicians will change their prices depending on the event, but they will usually change depending on the number of guests and time, etc.

Based on a 2-hour performance, some magicians will work for free and go to the buffet, especially if they are very new and looking to gain exposure and collect photos and testimonials to kick off their brand. Alan Hudson is a contracted virtual magician who performs on Zoom and other online virtual platforms around the world. The cost of a wedding magician, the cost of a party wizard, and the cost of a corporate magician should not change depending on the event itself. So if you were looking for information on how much it costs to hire a magician, I hope it was useful to you.

Professional and experienced magicians cannot be hired for the lowest dollar rates, as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. The prices of wizards can be considered a bit mysterious, since most wizards don't post them on their websites.