How Much Does a Magician Earn in the UK?

The national average salary of a magician in the UK is £31,595 per year. This figure is based on wage survey data compiled from 33910 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Magician employee. To earn £2000 a month, a magician must charge £347 per concert, do 3 concerts per week and have 2 weeks of vacation each year. This includes built-in taxes and savings.

At the start of their career, a magician may earn around £12,000 annually. However, with experience and reputation, they can make up to £100,000 a year. There are different types of magicians; some don't perform but create and sell tricks instead. In terms of career progression, magicians can build their contacts and potentially do television work.

The amount of money they make depends on many factors. On average, full-time professional magicians earn around £35,000 in gross income from performing at weddings, parties and corporate events. However, some professional magicians have additional sources of income such as giving lectures, creating and selling magic tricks or working at trade shows. This can increase their earnings to more than £50,000. Semi-professional magicians can expect to make around £10,000 a year while maintaining their day job.

Some of the world's best magicians have earned impressive amounts; for example Dynamo has earned more than £35,000 for a single performance at a wedding. The cost of hiring a magician depends on their level of skill and what they offer in terms of entertainment. For example, hiring an artist magician may be more expensive than a mentalist act due to the preparation time and accessories they need for their performance. Generally speaking, the cheapest professional magician you can hire for two hours costs around £250 while the most expensive one can cost up to £35,000. Most social events that require a magician take place on weekends so semi-professional magicians can fill their diary throughout the year while still holding down a full-time job.

Additionally, zoom magicians have become increasingly popular during the pandemic as they can perform before an audience of up to 99 people with professional lighting and sound settings. In most cases there is no salary; magicians are only paid for one job so the amount of work can be unpredictable.