The magician virtual?

Theory11 presents THE MAGICIAN ONLINE, an interactive online experience of magic, mystery and deception. As we approach a year of staying home due to the pandemic, it can be hard to see the amazement and wonder in the everyday things around us. The magician Dan White tried — and he succeeded — to recover that feeling of emotion in his virtual magic show The Magician Online. The latter is particularly charming magicians come to the show, they make a trick, and if neither Penn nor Teller can guess how they did it, the magician wins.

The Magician Online is a redesigned live version of White's five-year magic act in front of the sold out crowds at The Nomad Hotel in New York. I also need to give significant support to the virtual team that designed the Zoom features of The Magician Online. Whether you do it as a date night, with your family, or even just like I did, The Magician Online is the perfect piece of magic for your next night in. Best known for his series The Magician, which lasted more than 5 years at the NoMad Hotel in New York, White created a new virtual experience, bringing a night of magic, mystery and deception to the living rooms of families around the world and captivating them with Zoom.

One of the last normal things I did before Covid (using the term “normal real loose goose here) was to visit the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, a baroque castle where you need to meet a wizard to get inside. White isn't the only magician who does Zoom magic shows, but I do appreciate the particular spoopiness he brings to the event.