How much is a wedding magician uk?

If you are getting married and looking for a nearby magician to provide entertainment for your wedding, you may be wondering how much wedding wizards cost. The average cost of a wedding magician is between 300 and 500 pounds for a 2-3 hour performance. All bookings are confirmed in writing online using an efficient and easy-to-use booking system that is “paperless”. Nick has liability insurance through his equity membership, which is required in many places in the UK.

You usually expect to pay at least £500 for a good quality magician who knows how to handle any audience while providing incredible entertainment. If you are looking for a children's magician to perform at your 7 year old party, then you are thinking of hiring a magician for a 45-minute show, expect to pay between 100 and 300 pounds depending on the size of the show and gifts etc. One thing you definitely don't want at your wedding is for the word to start circulating to start circulating circular that the magician is a little bad, this is because your entertainment options will have a big impact on the tone and feel of your wedding day and ultimately a reflection on you. As your guests arrive, an experienced magician greets them with a personalized welcome is a very pleasant touch.

Prices for professional wedding magicians are pretty standard nowadays, although there is a bit of variance; you might find someone who charges less or more than you would expect to experience and if they are in the magic circle. After the speeches, it is customary for the audience to applaud and show their appreciation for what the speakers have said, this is a good time to introduce the magician and let your guests know that there is entertainment, so it's time to have a drink and wait your turn to witness the impossible moments of incredible magic. So you're interested in hiring a wedding magician for your big day, and you want to know the “current rate. Everyone has a different opinion about how important it is to book the perfect wizard for their wedding day and what makes them want to book one.

This wedding magician delivers incredible, shocking, polished and road-tested magic that is skilled, familiar and “out of this good world. Professional wedding magicians can travel to anywhere from 2 to 4 events per day, so it is very important if venues are nearby, as travel costs and travel time are reduced. Instead, pay a fair price to have the confidence you need that your wizard up close won't let you down. If you want a no-obligation consultation about having a magician or illusionist at your wedding, I can help you.

But the truth is that the prices of wedding magicians are the same as anything else, you get what you pay for.