How much do magicians make an hour?

The amount of money wizards earn will depend on many factors. Most magicians consider magic shows for children to be a lower-value market with less than ideal performance conditions. If you didn't know, a children's magician who performs a magic show at a birthday party for a six-year-old boy has a fee five to ten times lower than that of a professional magician. Not all magicians handle all kinds of jobs, and if you see one advertised as for all occasions, you have good reason to be suspicious.

In my recognition, within a 100-mile radius of Indianapolis, Gigmasters received 250 requests per year from a magician (note that Gigmasters is just one of many paths a party host can follow when looking for a wizard). In addition, if all other things are the same, a professional mentalist usually charges a higher price than a professional magician. As you can see, the best magicians in the world earn huge amounts of money and serve to inspire magicians who work early in their careers. The main problem is that the person who needs a magician selects some items from a restrictive drop-down menu, then the person may or may not write a sentence or two describing their needs, and then wait for ten blind wizards to send them quotes.

Wizards generally do not belong to the formal category of full-time profession, but it can change for them. While famous magicians like David Blaine and David Copperfield make millions of dollars, street performers may have to work for free just to get noticed, according to Career Addict. Asking a virtual magician to perform on a non-Zoom platform is like hiring Tiger Woods and playing golf with just a baseball bat. Even so, we will use the term professional here to differentiate between a magician and a child magician.

These wizards make more full-time engagements, and those who succeed have an impressive skill set and the ability to attract audiences. I have selected Magicians from Chicago and Florida for the guide, you can guess if your local area will be more expensive or not. It does not include Thumbtack, Gigsalad, Yelp, Yelp, Yellowpages and all other online platforms, let alone all requests that went directly through a magician's website. If you're on a tight budget, you might be tempted to get a magician out of the gutter or a magician who does kids' tricks and hands out animal balloons (which tend to burst on the way home).